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Before and After Gallery

Smile Makeovers

The cases below represent a small sample of the cosmetic dentistry that I’ve done over the years. You’ll see everything from simple fillings to complete mouth reconstructions, which include porcelain veneers, crowns and implants. All these cases are my work. I’ve also shown you close-ups. If they look good close-up, you know they’ll look good from any distance. My goal is to provide natural looking restorations that last for a long time! Everything I do, I strive for dental excellence. If you have any questions, please email .

Case 1 - Before Photo  Case 1 - After Photo

Case 1

Brian was a 15 year old who just had his braces removed and unfortunately had a great deal of decay on all his upper front teeth. I restored his teeth using a tooth colored resin material along with some underlying color modifiers. Isn’t the result beautiful? Brian now smiles with confidence. Dentists need to be both technicians and artists!

Case 2 - Before Photo   Case 2 - After Photo

Case 2

This patient came to my office to have me make her 2 front teeth look the same. She had the cap done on her left front tooth and was never happy with it. Using a talented ceramist and many photos, we were able to give her a new tooth which she is very happy about.

Case 3 - Before Photo  Case 3 - After Photo

Case 3

This Northwestern student broke his front tooth in a pickup basketball game and was quite distraught. In one appointment, we were able to not only fix his tooth, but make it appear as though we did nothing! It’s truly fun to be able to blend artistry with dentistry.

Case 4 - Before Photo  Case 4 - After Photo

Case 4

This patient has bonding done on her left front tooth years ago. Over time it discolored and chipped slightly. Our goal is always the same, to create well functioning, natural looking restorations. We accomplished our mission!

Case 5 - Before Photo  Case 5 - After Photo

Case 5

This was interesting. This woman lives in Europe and is a sister of one of our patients. She had recently repaired her 2 front teeth with her dentist in Europe and didn’t like the result. I removed what had been placed on her teeth and used 4 different shades of bonding material to obtain this outcome. She was happy and so were we!

Case 6 - Before Photo  Case 6 - After Photo

Case 6

Here are close up views of this bonding replacement. Another satisfied patient!

Case 7 - Before Photo  Case 7 - After Photo

Case 7

This busy entrepreneur wanted straight teeth but didn’t want to go through Invisalign treatment. What we did for him was “instant orthodontics”! We placed porcelain veneers on his top teeth to give the appearance of straight teeth. He was happy and so were we!

Case 8 - Before Photo  Case 8 - After Photo

Case 8

Even teeth with cavities should be restored to their original shape. Here is an example of what a cavity looks like initially, after the decay is removed, and after the tooth colored filling is placed. Both form and function are addressed.

Case 9 - Before Photo  Case 9 - After Photo

Case 9

This is another tooth with a cavity that is restored with a tooth colored filling to its natural shape and appearance.

Case 10 - Before Photo  Case 10 - After Photo

Case 10

This 15 year old girl wanted to have a “normal” appearing lateral incisor. This is a common tooth issue, called a peg lateral for obvious reasons. In one appointment we used bonding material to create the tooth appearance that was meant to be. She now smiles with confidence!

Case 11 - Before Photo  Case 11 - After Photo

Case 11

This patient wanted his 2 front teeth to match. He had old bonding on 1 tooth and a cap on the other. In 2 appointments we made him 2 new crowns (caps) that are natural looking and feeling. He likes the space between the teeth and that’s fine with me!

Case 12 - Before Photo  Case 12 - After Photo

Case 12

This young woman really didn’t like to smile due to her dark teeth. We removed all of the bonding material that was on the teeth and gave her what she wanted. She smiles all the time and we’re so happy that she’s so happy!

Case 13 - Before Photo  Case 13 - After Photo

Case 13

This woman in her 70s never liked the fact that her sister had nicer teeth than she did. I think we solved that problem by placing crowns on her upper teeth. I hope that means there is more smiling at holiday parties!

Case 14 - Before Photo  Case 14 - After Photo

Case 14

This patient wanted to address several issues. He wanted to correct a bad bite and wanted nice looking teeth but not look like the person with “Hollywood” teeth. We did a full mouth reconstruction by placing crowns on all his teeth. This idealized his bite while at the same time giving him beautiful, healthy looking teeth that look natural in his mouth.

Case 15 - Before Photo  Case 15 - After Photo

Case 15

This Northwestern student fell at school and broke his left front tooth. He went to another dentist who made a temporary cap for him. The challenge was to match his 2 front teeth, one of the hardest things to do as a dentist. After several tries, we got it! The patient, (and his Mom) are very happy!

Case 16 - Before Photo  Case 16 - After Photo

Case 16

This Kellogg graduate student wanted to have a nice smile before his job interviews so we needed to restore his 4 upper front teeth. We did 3 porcelain veneers and 1 crown for him and he was a very happy grad student. And his interviews went very well!

Case 17 - Before Photo  Case 17 - After Photo

Case 17

This 20-year-old college student and Ultimate Frisbee team member had an unfortunate collision with a competitor which caused extensive damage to his teeth. Restoring his smile required a root canal and crown on the far right broken tooth, another crown on the left front tooth, and a porcelain veneer on the right front tooth. We whitened his teeth before making the crowns to ensure great color match and the look of white, healthy teeth. For a young man with a long life ahead of him, it was a great solution.

Case 18 - Before Photo  Case 18 - After Photo

Case 18

Erin had her front tooth crowned (capped) a number of years ago, but was never happy with how it looked. She asked her dentist to change it, but was told that it would be too difficult to properly match her other front tooth. Through word of mouth, she came to our office and we replaced her crown with a new one. We love happy patients!

We Love to See Our Patients Smile

" What Dr. Silberman did is a miracle. I’m a different person. It’s impossible to compare with what my mouth looked like before. I have a Hollywood smile."
—Ellina D, patient for five years