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Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

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Dr. Joe Silberman is acknowledged as a pioneer in dental magnification as he was the first general dentist in the Chicagoland area to incorporate using a microscope for all of his dental procedures. He, in fact, has been using the microscope since 1999!
Using the operating microscope allows Dr. Silberman to see up to 16 times what the naked eye can see. This allows much more precision in his procedures which translates into better outcomes for our patients. Isn’t that something you and your teeth deserve?
There isn’t a week that goes by that Dr. Silberman doesn’t show his enthusiasm for his microscope. We’ve heard this statement many times in the office from Dr. Joe: “There is no way I could just done what I did for this tooth without the microscope. What I was able to see allowed me to save this tooth not only for the short term, but the long term as well.”
Another benefit to using the microscope is to document various tooth problems by using the camera and/or video incorporated in the scope. Patients and insurance companies can see problems that may not be easily detected otherwise.
Technology is a very important aspect of dentistry and we embrace it here at Evanston Dental Associates.
Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

We Love to See Our Patients Smile

" What Dr. Silberman did is a miracle. I’m a different person. It’s impossible to compare with what my mouth looked like before. I have a Hollywood smile."
—Ellina D, patient for five years